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Recreational experiences

The Park offers  visitors of all ages an experience to renew their  energies and your inner peace.

The network of  walking trails  through the forest invites you on a walk  among native trees and wildlife, accompanied by the gentle murmur of the Quinchol River.

The three beautiful waterfalls are born from Lake Tinquilco.  During the summer they invite you to dive into its cool and crystalline waters. The rest of the year these impressive waterfalls call for reflection, contemplation or perhaps just a few photos for posterity.

The walk culminates with the arrival at a warm lagoon that reflects in its waters the immensity of the sky and the birds that coexist freely under the imposing view of the Villarrica volcano. Here you can cool off in its waters, practice kayaking or paddle boarding, enjoy the slide, spend a relaxed moment under the trees and tour the enclosure.


Ideal for a nap or a moment for relaxation and meditation.

Children have a play area.

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