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Bathroom  by Bosque

A journey to activate the senses

Kulatrayken Paz interior
Kulatrayken (44).png

The forest bath, originally known as Shinrin Yoku , and in Chile called  Bathroom  from nature  due to its diversity of natural environments.


  It is a practice that consists of spending time in the forest, with the aim of improving overall health  of people (emotional, mental,  spiritual and physical) thanks to the full connection of our senses with nature.

It is a call to live  the here and now , minimizing the feeling of busyness, becoming aware of the moment you live and calming your mind of thoughts and worries.  

  • Hug a tree.

  • Listen to the sound of the river flowing free.

  • Observe the small details of the ancient trees that surround you.

  • Smell the earth.

  • Taste wild fruits.

All this you can do in Park  Külatrayken.

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